Macrolytic Group staffing service includes providing on-site and off-site analytic resources. Our staff undergo continous training on different analytic approach based on different clients needs. We also offer project based resources for short term and long term projects. Our goal is to give you the right person, staff, or solution to meet your need, quickly and on budget.

On-site Staffing
On-site staffing allows you to utilize our resource to address different analytic needs. We continously train our staff to update the skill set based on clients needs. Also, while on-site, they have access to our off-site analytic experts that they can consult to address different analytic solutions.

Off-site Staffing
Our off-site staff are mostly engaged in consulting roles or training on-site staff. In some cases they are engaging in telecommuting projects based on clients needs. Most of our off-site staff are more seasoned with strong industry knowledge.

Project Based Staffing
Project based staffing are mostly used with clients who are looking to address different analytic needs based on projects running for short term or long term. This type of staffing provides opportunity to clients to invest based on expected ROI of the project.

Long Term / Short Term Partnering
We also provide different type of engagement solution based on what the client would like to accomplish, this includes have long term or short term partnering with clients to provide analytic staff as needed. This type of engagement allows client to increase or decrease number of resource at any given month based on project needs.