Macrolytic performs research in marketing, health care, product solicitation, non-profit organization (NGO) outreach and many other traditional research. Our research platform including latest digital technology including SMS texting, ibeacon technology and traditional focus group questionnaire.

In the Moment Research
This includes SMS, Survey URLs, QR Codes, mobile app integration, geo-fencing.We’ll connect you with your customers—wherever they are. The following are features of using ibeacon technology:

Push campaigns 
Communicate with customers by sending Campaigns through push notification, regardless of their location. This is useful to win customers back for places like restaurants, hotels and other similar venues

Geofence campaign
Send notification with Campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area

Campaign profiling
Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests

Campaign scheduling
Schedule time when your contents should be delivered

Real-Time Research and Testing
Go beyond traditional research and testing methods with Ask Now. Add new questions to existing questionnaires and collect responses in real-time to inform research andsubstantiatenew ideas faster. Get the customer insights you need to drive continuous improvement and innovation, quickly and effortlessly.