Advanced Analytics

CRM Analytics
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) includes predictive models across different industries. The majority of our customers are financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, market research firms, healthcare, retail, travel & transportation and telecom industries; therefore, we have a great deal of exposure with problem solving relating to analytics within these industries. In CRM we cover acquisition, retention and cross-sales; these areas are critical for any company that is looking for customer growth. Our approach varies based on the goal set by the client. We have packages which are suitable for small, medium and large entities. Our goal is to provide appropriate analytic approach for each client across all channels including digital, email, direct mail and other channels.

Our influencer prospect power score (PPS) proprietary model is highly used by most of our clients for retention and acquisition. This model suite is used to determine individuals who are strong influencers to other prospects customers. Read more

Effective Media Spending Analytics
Media mix modeling is another area of our expertise. The goal is to ensure our clients implement effective media spending framework using media mix modeling. Our model framework includes Bayesian and time series approach. Our models provide clear understanding of each channel ROI and provides optimization recommendations. Read more

Risk Management Analytics
Risk management is one of the core analytic services offered by Macrolytic. Risk management models include probability of default, exposure at default and loss given default across different products including mortgage, credit card, auto loan and other unsecured loans. Basel framework is part of our expertise.

Speech Analytics
Speech analytic (call center analytic) is one of our fast growing areas due to the vast growth of the number of tools that can be utilized in speech analytic. Natural Language Processing is one of the methodology employed to provide accurate solutions for the call centers to improve sales and convention rate for different campaigns. Our models include models which provide suggested rebuttal keywords for call center agents to use in order to improve sales and conversion rate. Click here for free trial of this model suite.

Financial Market Tools
Our proprietary models are a critical ingredient to our financial market segment. We provide US equity forecasting solution based on our proprietary algorithm. We also support MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities), ABS (Asset Backed Securities) modeling and corporate probability of defaults as well as CDS (Credit Default Swaps) modeling using both risk neutral and time series modeling approaches.

EquityMx is our equity forecasting tool which provides individual stock forecasted price. We encourage stock brokers and individual investors to take advantage of this tool. HomePriceMx is our home price forecasting tool; both mortgage servicer and investment banker can use this tool for estimation of future home prices at the zip code level.

Software Tools
Our excellent IT team provide software solutions using SAS, SQL, MATLAB, C#, C++ and Excel (VBA) based on clients' need.